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Marine applications

marine iconEvery industry has specific needs. REICH-KUPPLUNGEN knows how your industry works. Thus, we supply solutions specifically tailored to your sector’s special needs and requirements. Apart from our high-quality standardized solutions for all kinds of different industries, our "D2C - Designed to Customer" approach completes our portfolio and provides couplings specifically tailored for customer’s individual requirements. REICH-KUPPLUNGEN – the right solution for every industry's requirements.

REICH-KUPPLUNGEN: 65 years of experience in the specific requirements of marine engineering.

Reich couplings are used in a broad range of marine applications: in main propulsion drives between the diesel engine and the gearbox, and in auxiliary drives such as rudder and propeller drives and onboard power supply generator sets, generators, pumps and winches.

Type approvals from renowned classification societies are available for various coupling types.

Reich Drive Systems UK Ltd. - Competence in power transmission businessReich Drive Systems UK Ltd.... Competence in power transmission business. Your drive is our strength. Your strength is our drive.

Reich Drive Systems UK Ltd.

reich worldmapReich Drive Systems UK Ltd. is the subsidiary company of Reich Kupplungen located in Bochum, Germany.
We offer a wide range of torsionally flexible couplings and power transmission: highly flexible couplingstorsionally flexible couplingstorsionally rigid couplings, drives.