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Competence in power transmission applications since 1946. For more than 70 years, REICH-KUPPLUNGEN in Bochum has produced a wide range of torsionally flexible couplings. One of the outstanding features and essential quality factors is our in-house development and manufacture of elastomeric elements. All power transmission elements are manufactured on ultramodern production facilities. In-house test benches and inspection facilities of highest technical standards warrant high-quality and long-life power transmission products of the REICH-KUPPLUNGEN brand.

  • REICH-KUPPLUNGEN - We are thinking ahead

    REICH-KUPPLUNGEN - We are thinking ahead

    Reich Drive System UK Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Dipl.-Ing. Herwarth Reich GmbH, headquartered in Bochum (Germany). Proficient in power transmission applications since 1946. For more than 65 years, REICH-KUPPLUNGEN in Bochum has produced a wide range of torsionally flexible couplings. One of the exceptional key features is our in-house development and manufacture of elastomeric elements. All power transmission elements are manufactured in our state of the art production facilities coupled with our In-house test benches and inspection facilities ensure that the couplings that are produced by REICH- KUPPLUNGEN are of the highest quality and used globally by many Blue Chip companies.

    Reich Drive System UK Ltd was founded August 2014 and became a fully owned subsidiary of Reich Kupplungen GmbH on the 1st January 2015.

    For many years Reich has enjoyed an exceptional working relationship with Ringflex Drive Systems and they have proved themselves to be an excellent partner but sadly this relationship is approaching a time-based end with decision by the directors of Ringflex to retire in the next year or two. It was with this in mind that Reich took the decision to set up a new subsidiary in the UK. Ringflex staff members will continue to support the development of Reich DS UK to ensure a seamless transition of the business and also to safeguard the continuation of ongoing customer support and supply. The foundation of Reich UK is a logical step of the ongoing globalisation of Reich Kupplungen and paves the way to best serve our global operating customers on a local basis. Furthermore David Proud has joined Reich Drive Systems UK Ltd as General Manager, David brings with him a wealth of Experience having worked in the Mechanical Power Transmission Industry for the last 14 years. We wish David and his team every success in the coming years.

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  • Customers and employees - Success through partnership

    REICH-KUPPLUNGEN - Customers and employees - Success through partnership

    Our employees are the very key to success. It is their motivation and creativity which set things in motion. More than 200 Reich employees are available worldwide to provide customers and their products with driving innovations.

    Our customers are the central focus of our business. Because it is them for whom our employees are finding optimal solutions for power transmission tasks – in a reliable and competent way and with personal dedication.

    The recipe for our success is called D2C. This acronym stands for “Designed to Customer” and puts the philosophy of REICH-KUPPLUNGEN in a nutshell: Reich customers are not only supplied with goods from the catalogue but also with couplings which are developed and tailor-made to their specific needs.

    This special form of close D2C cooperation ranges from consultation, development, manufacture and integration into existing environments to customspecific production and logistics concepts – and all this worlwide.

    REICH-KUPPLUNGEN D2C - We not only develop couplings but solutions!

  • Manufacture, quality, environment and safety - All in unison

    REICH-KUPPLUNGEN -Manufacture, quality, environment and safety - All in unison

    REICH-KUPPLUNGEN puts the emphasis on cutting-edge production methods in its component manufacturing processes: The equipment ranges from CNC machining centres with CAD/CAM systems to vulcanising presses for elastomer production employing the transfer method.

    The ISO 9001 certified quality management system comes up with close-to-production test and inspection systems and thus warrants compliance with the customers’ requirements. The associated documentation is prepared according to certified and customer audited systems. We furthermore hold approvals from recognised classification societies for shipbuilding and marine applications.

    Continual improvement is a matter of course for REICH-KUPPLUNGEN: This is why we continually invest in production facilities, test and inspection equipment, and in the optimisation of production processes. Large logistics areas for raw materials and finished products strengthen our commitment to on-time delivery.

    Quality and environmental protection play a vital role in all company areas – from development via the purchasing and production processes to logistics.Our ISO 14001 certificate provides evidence to the fact that REICH-KUPPLUNGEN produces in an environmentally sound manner in compliance with an internationally recognised environmental management system.

    Our company owes its overall positive image to its strict adherence to defined processes, to the systematic controls, and, last but not least, to the clear awareness of the common corporate objectives among all its employees.

    Approvals from recognised classification societies

  • Research and development - Always looking ahead

    REICH-KUPPLUNGEN - Research and development - Always looking ahead

    High-tech, know-how, and technical curiosity – this is how the most important features of our research and development (R&D) department can be described. It goes without saying that thinking outside the box is a fundamental for our developers and designers: We continually verify proven solutions and optimise them for the latest technical and commercial aspects. By using the most advanced calculation and simulation software and highly dynamic coupling test benches, we are able to manufacture products which provide our customers with maximum benefit.

    Also worth mentioning is the fact that the company REICH-KUPPLUNGEN has over 65 years of expertise in the field of development and manufacture of rubber components. There are many good reasons for using this fascinating material: Apart from being mouldable and flexible, rubber protects, dampens, insulates, absorbs, decouples, seals and isolates. In fact, there are hardly any materials which offer a similarly broad spectrum of applications. Its unique properties become particularly apparent when employed in flexible couplings – for example as a transmission element that reliably decouples torsional vibrations and compensates for misalignments.

    But rubbers are not all the same: The optimal application-tailored rubber compound is selected b your R&D department based on its comprehensive expertise and decades of experience with this material. All employed rubber qualities are developed by REICH-KUPPLUNGEN and defined by unique formulations. In this way, we create the basis for a great variety of effective solutions.

  • Diversity of products - The customer has the choice

    REICH-KUPPLUNGEN - Diversity of products - The customer has the choice

    Our large product portfolio is uncompromisingly oriented towards the needs of our customers. REICH-KUPPLUNGEN therefore offers quite a number of flexible, highly flexible, and torsionally stiff coupling series such as:


    Thanks to our modular and perfectly matched catalogue range, our customers are invited to choose the optimal coupling solution for their power transmission task. During this process, we will assist them with advice and support. Comprehensive customer care from the initial enquiry via on-time delivery to commissioning and maintenance is one of the great strengths of our sales, engineering, and service departments.
    Through close cooperation with our customers, we will quickly identify the solution that best meets their requirements: A coupling of standard design or an individual special solution – also in one-off production – in line with the “Designed to Customer” principle.

    We meet the high standards we impose on our products in terms of quality, safety, and service life due to well-engineered designs and production methods. This is why REICH-KUPPLUNGEN has rightfully earned its excellent reputation regarding particularly demanding applications, such as:

    Combined heat and power plants and biogas plants, Construction machinery and commercial vehicles, Agriculture and forest engineering, Conveying engineering and plant construction, Railway engineering, Shipbuilding and marine engineering

  • Internationalisation - Global appearance

    REICH-KUPPLUNGEN - Internationalisation - Global appearance

    Internationalisation is the order of the day. In response to the expectations of our export-oriented customers, REICH-KUPPLUNGEN is providing all its customers abroad with the same level of service as in Germany, through its global presence.Our own subsidiaries and sales partners across the globe will reliably serve you on site – around the clock.

    With our worldwide network, we make sure that our products and spare parts are available anytime and anywhere. Whether by land, sea or air – optimal despatch of the Reich products is ensured. Internationally operating logistics partners with modern freight transport systems see to it that your goods arrive safely and on time.

    Global distribution network

Reich Drive Systems UK Ltd. - Competence in power transmission businessReich Drive Systems UK Ltd.... Competence in power transmission business. Your drive is our strength. Your strength is our drive.

Reich Drive Systems UK Ltd.

reich worldmapReich Drive Systems UK Ltd. is the subsidiary company of Reich Kupplungen located in Bochum, Germany.
We offer a wide range of torsionally flexible couplings and power transmission: highly flexible couplingstorsionally flexible couplingstorsionally rigid couplings, drives.