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It runs and runs and runs - the MULTI MONT GIGANT

published on Monday, 09 November 2015. Posted in Press

It runs and runs and runs - the MULTI MONT GIGANT

It runs and runs and runs - the MULTI MONT GIGANT
Coupling from Reich-KUPPLUNGEN

In 1975, exactly 40 years ago, a colliery was commissioned in the Ruhr area with a MULTI MONT GIGANT (MMG) 10000. From that time until to date, the system has been working properly. "It runs and runs and runs!" The only things which were replaced about 20 years ago were the rubber elements. It is true that hard coal mining operations were ceased at this colliery. Instead, it has been used for mine water pumping purposes for quite some years now. In this application, three 1.3 MW electric motors are driving a turbine which provides for the mine's fresh air supply ‑ and in-between, there is our disengagable MMG 10000 coupling. In this way system components can be easily maintained and repaired without the need for dismantling other components.

Reich has been manufacturing MULTI MONT couplings in series production since 1958. These couplings are continuously adapted to the technical progress and undergo regular further development. The MMG series comprises flexible large claw couplings for applications requiring high nominal torques between 40,000 and 1,000,000 Nm. As is the case with the smaller MMS series, the "big MMG sister" comes with six rubber elements which, after loosening and displacing the separately bolted-on retaining cap, allow for radial element change-out without axial displacement of the coupled machine components.

The today's versatile MULTI MONT coupling range comprises a large variety of different types such as shaft, flange, brake drum, and brake disk versions, along with a multitude of possible combinations so that a suitable coupling is available for almost every type of transmission requirement.

In addition to its standard product portfolio, REICH-KUPPLUNGEN also offers customer-specific solutions in line with the D2C principle "Designed to Customer". This customer-oriented concept applies to both series products and developments in small batches.


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