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Reich To Showcase Automotive Engine Test Bench Coupling Technology At Advanced Engineering 2019

published on Monday, 26 August 2019. Posted in Press

Stockport, 20th August 2019

Reich To Showcase Automotive Engine Test Bench Coupling Technology At Advanced Engineering 2019

Advanced Engineering is the UK's largest annual exhibition and conference for advanced manufacturers & supply chain professionals, and is the venue chosen by Reich Drive Systems UK to showcase the latest developments in drive coupling technology for automotive test bench applications, covering combustion, hybrid and electric vehicle testing requirements

In the arduous operating conditions found with power transmission test benches, it is essential that the drive couplings used are able to withstand the wide range of operating conditions often associated with this environment and allow meaningful test data to be collated. With a variety of component types, including: engines, gearboxes, transmission elements and consumable or wear parts to be tested, each of which can have its own specific test criteria, it is essential that the drive coupling can be closely matched to the application.

Reich’s stand exhibits at Advanced Engineering will feature a range of coupling types targeted at automotive test bench applications. These include the modular and design-oriented TOK system, the latest high-speed FLEXDUR FD-HS all-metal coupling, and the latest version of the proven MULTI MONT SELLA claw coupling as a high-speed high speed variant

The prime features of TOK couplings are their efficiency and flexibility. A multitude of rubber compounds, developed in-house by Reich, ensures that the rigidity of the coupling elements is perfectly matched to each application. These backlash and maintenance free components are connectable to flywheels conforming to SAE J620 or to any other standard. TOK couplings operate at temperatures from -40°C to +100°C, cover a torque range from 75 to 70,000 Nm, with rotational speeds up to 13,000 rpm.

Reich’s latest FLEXDUR FD-HS all-metal couplings are designed and manufactured specifically for applications with higher speeds. The transmission elements are flexible disk packs made of stainless spring steel, and due to their special shape, stresses are evenly distributed withiin the disk pack when fitted. Specially designed for test bench use, the disc pack has a high torque capacity suitable for high speeds applications with nominal torques range from 320 Nm to 12500 Nm.

(Reich will be showcasing the TOK coupling range – LEFT the FlexDur FD-HS – CENTRE and the High Speed version of the MMS Coupling – RIGHT at the Advanced Engineering Show. Each of these coupling types excel in test bench engineering applications)

The new high-speed MMS coupling features a separate bolt-on retaining cap that encloses the circumference of the rubber elements. The elements can be easily replaced radially by loosening and sliding back the retaining cap. There no need to de-couple the machine components during this process, keeping downtime to a minimum and the maintenance procedure simple.

This torsionally flexible high-speed claw coupling has a torque range of 630 Nm - 3000 Nm and is capable of operating at temperatures between -40°C - 100°C. The versatile MULTI MONT coupling range comprises a large variety of different types so a suitable coupling is available for almost any type of power transmission requirement.

The success of Reich couplings in the test bench arena can be attributed to the company’s D2C (Designed to Customer) philosophy which draws upon many years of experience in the design of couplings for engine, roller dynamometer and racing engine test benches.

Reich Drive Systems can be located on Stand Number I85, within the Automotive Engineering Area at Advanced Engineering, NEC Birmingham, between the 30th and 31st October. Company experts will be available throughout the show to discuss specific customer applications and offer advice on the integration of Reich Drive Couplings.

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