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TOK coupling and TOK coupling system

published on Tuesday, 17 January 2017. Posted in Press

Engine manufacturers rely on the TOK coupling system from REICH-KUPPLUNGEN

TOK coupling and TOK coupling system

Engine manufacturers rely on the TOK coupling system from Reich-Kupplungen

The highly flexible TOK couplings from Reich-Kupplungen are specifically designed to meet the high requirements of engine manufacturers and test bench operators. They increase the service life and availability of all drive components, thus enhancing productivity. Manufacturers and operators have ever-growing expectations regarding the efficiency of engine test benches which should excel by high reliability and short standstill times, and all that at a low total cost of ownership.

Our customers are supplied with couplings and coupling shafts which are tailor-made to the specific engines. Designed for speeds of up to 10,000 rpm, they are particularly well suited for test benches for combustion engine testing. The couplings are mounted between the engine and the dynamometer and offer a high torsional flexibility and a torque transmission capacity from 100 up to 70,000 Nm. This is why they are applicable for a wide spectrum of engines. Endurance test benches, research and development test benches, and end-of-line test benches provide safe and reliable operation with the use of the TOK coupling system.

Reich furthermore provides highly flexible TOK couplings for flexibly mounted engines used in drive trains in the most varied of industries. The coupling series comprises coupling sizes for a torque range from approx. 1600 Nm to 140,000 Nm. The TOK 910.1, for example, was specifically developed for large gas engines up to a power rating of 4,500 kW. This coupling for power generation plants is mounted between the engine and a generator.

The TOK 910.1 will be showcased at the Hannover Fair from 24 to 28 April 2017. You will find us in Hall 25, Booth E25.

Highly flexible couplings from Reich-Kupplungen not only offer an extraordinarily long service life but also shift critical resonance frequencies of the drive train to below the operating speed range. The design of the coupling is accomplished by employing torsional vibration calculations which we perform upon the customer's request. For this purpose, various rubber hardnesses are available so that the variation options of our in-house manufactured elastomers bring about an optimisation of the drive train. Alternating torques of the engine which are generated by the combustion processes are dampened. This way, all drive components are protected against critical shocks and loads, thus increasing the service life and availability of the entire installation.

Photo: Reich Kupplungen TOK 910.1 on an europallet

Author: Marzena Serrien / U. Bentele / March 2017


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