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Reich, consistently following the principle of providing the best for the customer, D2C - Designed to Customer, has developed a flexible MMS-HighSpeed coupling series.

Essential features and advantages of MULTI MONT SELLA HighSpeed:

  • High speeds
  • Maintenance-free
  • Shock and vibration damping
  • Compensation of axial, radial and angular offsets
  • Easy assembly and alignment thanks to the plug-in type design
  • Simple radial element replacement by sliding back the retaining cap
  • Fail-safe operation and high overload capability
  • High-strength aluminum
  • Low weight
  • Adaptable to almost any mounting situation

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Product details

General technical description

Today’s drive solutions such as industrial gearboxes and vehicle transmissions, and the e-mobility largely owe their tremendously high efficiency and long service life to test benches on which they are developed and tested prior to their first series application.

Test benches for drives place extremely high requirements on the components incorporated therein. The proper functioning of the test bench depends on their reliability and efficiency. REICH-KUPPLUNGEN takes particular pride in the further development of its proven MULTI MONT SELLA claw coupling into a high speed product. The latest development and calculation tools including, for example, an FEM-optimized design, and the results of trial runs on in-house test benches and in the field, were implemented into the development process.

The coupling features a separately bolted-on retaining cap which encloses the periphery of the rubber elements. This bolted connection is not involved in torque transmission. The elements can be easily replaced radially with no need for axial movement of the coupled machine components after loosening and sliding back the retaining cap.

The versatile MULTI MONT coupling range comprises a large variety of different types so that a suitable coupling is available for almost any type of power transmission requirement.

D2C – Designed to Customer

D2C – Designed to CustomerThe principle of Designed to Customer describes the recipe for success of REICH-KUPPLUNGEN: Utilizing our product knowledge, our customers are supplied with couplings which are developed and tailor-made to their specific requirements. The designs are mainly based on modular components to provide effective and efficient customer solutions. The unique form of close cooperation with our partners includes consultation, design, calculation, manufacture and integration into existing environments. Adapting our manufacturing to customer-specific production and utilizing global logistics concepts provides better after sales service - worldwide. This customer-oriented concept applies to both standard products and production in small batch sizes.

The company policy of REICH-KUPPLUNGEN embraces, first and foremost, principles such as customer satisfaction, flexibility, quality, prompt delivery and adaptability to the requirements of our customers.

REICH-KUPPLUNGEN supplies not only a coupling, but a solution: Designed to Customer.


  • Application areas:: test benches pumps and compressors industrial applications
  • Product category: Torsionally flexible couplings
  • Product type: Torsionally flexible high-speed claw couplings
  • Torque range: 630 Nm - 3000 Nm
  • Temperature range: -40 °C - 100 °C

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Reich Drive Systems UK Ltd.

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